We are technology lovers driven by our aim to find and offer easy, quick, and
safe solutions. DROP was born out of our experience.

Because we have yelled and cursed in traffic jams.
Because we have haggled with autowallahs for Rs. 10.
Because we have even booked cabs for mere 3 km .

DROP is our answer to mind-numbing traffic, lack of transport for short
distances, and women safety. It connects two-wheeler drivers and riders in
the city for easy pick-up and drop.

But, why two-wheelers?

Because they can zip, zap, zoom through traffic and reach anywhere on time.
Because they can be booked for short distances – from a metro station to your office or from the middle of the road to your home.
Because they are more popular among women drivers.


Our eco-friendly and cost-effective solution is the answer to all your traffic
woes. Our aim is transform your daily commute, one ride at a time, using
technology and leveraging on the power of a simple app. With a dedicated
customer service, state-of-the-art technology, and a fast-growing pool of
users, DROP is committed to making travel safer and more efficient for all
our users.