100% committed to women safety
Every day, hundreds of women drive two-wheelers to travel in your city. Who could be a safer choice for women than a woman driver? DROP connects you to a woman driver near you!

Verified drivers
DROP has a robust verification system that ensures the authenticity of all registered drivers. We not only conduct background and documentation checks at the time of registration, but we also schedule audits to verify our database.

Strict guidelines
All drivers are mandated to wear proper helmet, ride within the 50 km/hour speed limit, and follow local traffic rules. Any non-compliance by a driver results in deactivation of their account.

Regular audits
DROP conducts regular audits to keep our database of verified drivers up to date. You will also receive emails from us seeking your feedback.

  • Be alert if your driver crosses the 50 km/hour speed limit
  • Drives recklessly
  • Does not wear a proper helmet
  • Gets on the highway
  • Misbehaves

Real-time Feedback
After each ride, riders are asked to rate their drivers and vice versa. This two-way rating systems helps establish the credibility of DROP users.

We ensure that all bikes are clean and in excellent working condition. All registered drivers are provided helmets for their riders and special caps to be worn before putting on the helmet. We take hygiene seriously.

DROP offers you a safe choice.